16 April 2010

cover my book

because my grammar book was broken, i close it with callender paper. because when i go home it was raining my book broken. i hate it so much..this is my book picture after I gift cover. i hope it can use full for you if you get trobel same with me..

i love my country

thanks to indonesia.
because i love my country where i live and give me much from all better in the world, so i must say thanks to my country. i show my love with my way, i will save and happy to wore ethnic fabric. i took this picture when i got this clothes from my mother (my mother sell clothes).
this is pekalongan batik. the color is dark brown, when i was wearing it, my skin looks brightening. i love it so much...

now i learn to wear all product made in and by Indonesia, last month when i went to supermarket i saw and selection what i want to bought. looks the cover first to know were is the product come from. :D 

bag and clothes: took it from my mom's 
 jeans and soesh unbranded

my new project

last week i was trying to made box for my pen and pencil so this is it my new box pencil.. what do you think about it? do you like it or dislake? i made 2 box. but my favorite of course box with light collor.
my young sister crying because i dont want to gift her one from box i made. hahah... :D

my favorite drik


it's my vaforite drink, very cheap only Rp2.000,00 you can get it and I love it so mmmuuuccchhh... the name is "es campur/rumput laut" yuuumyyy...this is the picture, i took it when i gone with mbag ami to made wedding card. :D