06 November 2014


hallo all.. last weekend i went to kediri for bought magazine and shopping window then, i don't know that were cosplay (duplicate or try to looks like an animation figure). suddenly i saw a man and young women walk around they were looks like sasuke and sakura from naruta comic. i asked them whats going on why they wore costume like that, then they hey answered there were a cosplay competition in kediri town square mall. so i came there for watched the cosplay. and the followed were some pictures from the location. hope you can enjoying...

halo semua... minggu lalu uli ke kediri buat beli majalah dan jalan -jalan. uli mayang tidak tahu kalu ada acara cosplay. tivba - tiba saja mata uli mayang menangkap sosok seorang pria dan wanita yang berdandan seperti sakura dan sasuke dari komik naruto. uli mayang sangsung cuzz tanya mereka ada acara apa kok pakek costum kayak gitu, trus jawabnya ada lomba cozplay di kediri town square. tanpa ba bi bu be bo lagi... uli mayang langsung tancap ke lokasi buat nonton tuch acara cozplay. dan di bawah ini beberapa foto dari acara cozplay di kediri town square november 2014. semoga menghibur ya... 

outfit :
dress : saw by tailor
heels : yongky komaladi
belt : shopie martin
bag : gift from mom

with love

uli mayang


  1. Uli... it looks like you had fun.. your shoes are really cute. I have never seen Cos play... it looks interesting :)

  2. Your dress loos so pretty on you!

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  3. lovely outfit, it looks very good on you.
    very pretty girl
    I like your blog, its very inspirational.

    - http://angelaah91.blogspot.nl/

  4. ak juga suka acra cosplay :D, bentar lagi d sby ada chochodays. btw orang kediri toh... wah kita deketan haha
    @freddy_friday blog

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