02 March 2010

knitting / rajut

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Dear friends

I’m so soorryy…last month I have mistook when I wrote ‘how to make vest it’s not knitting but the true name is crocheting. And now we will learn about knitting. The first you must know if knit consist from knit, prul, and pattern. About Knitting needle (diameter 2mm-17mm and usually long 10-14 inch to make sweater, bag , and baby blanket ) and to make stocking you need double pointed needle.

You need : wool thread and knitting needle

How to make you can see at the picture

1. casting on to base until long you need

2.working yarn. make right –handed / right side (make knit) make casting on at one needle an take from front.
Make wrong-side (make prul) move from back to front

3. move to front pass by stitch hole

4.thread wool will move from right to left needle. Repeat it until all stitch move to right needle after that move needle to left. and repeat step by step up

galter stitch : knit all way, total stitches rows its free  
seed stitch : uneven rows *K1,P1,rep from*  
even row *P1,K1,rep from*  
moss stitch : first row and second row “K1,P1,rep from*  
row three and four *P1,K1,rep from*. Total stitches every row is even  
rabbing : variation. There are straight 1-1, 2-2 etch


ps : "*k1,p1,rep from *" its mean knit once, purl once, repeat from symbol [*] until one rows finis.

All here I got from marthastewart.com, theyarnco.com, learntoknit.com, helloknitty.com, stitch library, knitting about.com dydy.multiply.com  
You can visit there to more clear.


Uli Mayang

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