15 March 2010

older soes become a new shoes / sepatu lama seperti baru

the first, i want to say thanks to my friends 'komodo' who give me much tips to make my blogger better. but i am sorry but i made this blog only to help my friends 'riku' because she took SLB teacher and she need me to helps and  its only about what i made or what i though.

i need so long time to posting it because time to finishing my project.
and now lets have a try to make your older shoes to become a new shoes looks.

you needs : 
    old shoes (sepatu tua)
    scissors (gunting)
    denim fabric (kain jeans)
    thread (benang)
    sewing stick (jarum jahit)

how to make????
  - open all shoes/ clean from glue. like a picture
     buka semua sepatu/ bersihkan dari lem
  - make sketch like shoes do you want
     buat seketsa sapatu seperti yang kamu inginkan
  - cutting sketch and copy to fabric
     gunting seketsa dan jiplak pada kain
  - cutting fabric like sketch
     gunting kain seperti pola 
  -  give glue at fabric and adhere to shoes base
     beri lem pada kain dan tempel pada dasar sepatu
 -   give ribbon or flower on the shoes
     beri pita atau buanga di atas sepatu
 -   bring shoes at shoes tailor 
      bawa sepatu ke penjahit sepatu

it's ready to wear, very simple and fun to do

ps ; i hate time when i made this shoes, it's because the lamp's was turn off... OMG i want to kill all people who working at PLN.   

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