20 October 2015

2 month going to 3 month of pregnant

Hello october, well i am so sorry for long time offline. Honesly i want to posting regularly but in real live the were so much trobel. I am pregnant now, as you know at first semester is a dagerous moment. To be a candidate young mom i tried to more carefull with the fetus. Last week i went to doctor for usg and see the fetus. The fetus still smalll such as apple seed, my husband shock to saw that. In his mind the fetus should be such as little human. LoL, well we are planing for regularly every mont went to doctor to see the process of growing our baby.

Every morning i allways getting morning sickness, queasy and vomitted after eat. The doctor give me medicine but i am still vomitted. I got a good sugestion from old women my neighbourd, she said "keep your stomuch full all the time" yups when hungry the queasy higher. Two slide of creker before go to bed really helping.

Beside that dont move quckly and sudenlly, after eat sit down and relax for a minute then move slowly. It can help lose the queasy. Drink hot or middle warm gingger also helpping.

The picture of my fetus via usg, my husband bought an album picture for put his baby picture all the time.
Thats all thanks for reading
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Uli mayang


  1. Uli, those first 3 months are tough with the morning sickness... I never actually got sick but I felt it and I lost a lot of weight with both my children in that time span. I am glad that eating a little something is helping you, I ate many crackers too xox

  2. I went for a transvaginal ultrassound yesterday and it turns out that I am having a blighted ovum. My age of gesttaion is 8 weeks and 5 days but there is no fetal pole and heartbeat only an empty. is that normal? is it too early too?

    1. Normal, the age of gesttation is not the fetus age but interval from the firsh date last period. Example my menstruate or the last period on june 13th, then agust 13th is two month of gestation or 8 weeks. But we dont know the exactly age of embrio it can be younger than the docter prediction. Take easy dear


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