26 February 2010

make knitting vest

You needs :
-thread wool
-sewing stick and bump stick
-thread for sewing
-knitting stick
-ribbon, pin or brooch

Let’s have a try:
1. make knitting chains, long from chain is free. Knitting up use thread wool and knitting stick.
2. make vest base share front and back.
3. continue front and back vest with bump stick.
4. fill up sewing stick with thread for sewing and then sewing edges from vest. (for help when sewing with machine), open bump stick and sew with sewing machine. Open hand sewing.
5. vest ready to wear.

in my free time I want to make something that can wore by me. It is better then I do negative activity. just wear a product especially clothes is not a best too, because in my mind i thought 'if we can made it by our self it will helpful. we can save our money also we can explore our creativity. one stone two birth be stylist in cheap way. 

Red Open toe slipper , borrow my sister
Knit bag, Blitar
Vast, made by my self
Tree ring, bali
Button Bracelet , gift by selly
Rope bracelet, jogja


Uli mayang

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