21 August 2015

my beloved Motorcycle

Holla... good day every body
Well to day Let me show you my motorcycle. i gave this motorcycle name  blayer. Every day i ride my motorcyle every where. May be its not important for you all but for me blayer reàlly usefull.

As you know blogging just my hobby, in real life i work in field. Thats why transportation is the heart of my job. I need my motorcycle to move from one place to another place quikly. Indonesia expecially my town is very different with metropolitan city. Here transportation public is not running well. Beside that, transportation public more expensive than by our own transportation.

Hopefully in the future my town have good transportation public, clean, cheap, fast and have so many rute.
Well please enjoy the picture. The location in the picture at PUNCU. That place surounded by farmer field and plantation.

Shoes, lower east side
Top, royal plaza
Bag, batam
Headband, gift
Necklance, gift
Jeans, Logo 

Thank for reading,

With love

Uli mayang


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  2. Nice picture you are very beautiful:) if you want please leave me a comment on my blog;)

  3. Great outfit, so comfy to work and travel! ^-^
    I follow you back dear, of course!
    Wishing you a lovely Sunday!

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