25 March 2011

enterpreneur on jogja

 this is some of picture on parang tristis beach on jogja and when we on bus... :D i want to add more picture and video but the file is saving on my mobile phone and i didn't bring my usb because that i just can to share this picture. but i am promise next time i will add the picture and video here. well this is the first time i gone far with my class. its very nice trip for us. you can see all of student very happy and keeping smile. i hope in next trip to malang and bali will more fun than this trip. :D btw i am so sorry for all friends who is writing this blog. i must write in english because i have tesk to make a blog and give the url to get score in computer aplication lesson. but take easy in the next i will use indonesia language again. hoho... i love indonesia!

 new face  on my blog. this my classmate her name is wahyu putri

 well this is time for ladiesto shopping souvenir

this is Ro'i the maskot of our class

haha.. this my favorite picture. the red clothes is carel and blue is latif


  1. welcome to Jogjakarta yang tetap istimewa!

  2. salam sob
    uhuyy suit suit bagus banget picturenya sob

  3. Kayaknya seru tuh...
    salam kenal yah sebelumnya...

  4. yogya memang penuh pesona mbak. Waaahh seru bangd photo2nya mbak..., salam buat temen2nya yaaa..:)

  5. Thanks !! :) And no, it doesn't hurt too much to play the guitar. your finger tips will become harder, like a shield and so it won't hurt after that :P
    Ooo that looks like so much fun ! I wanna go to the beach now :D

  6. xixixi...kalo ke Jogja lagi jangan lupa tengok dek Shoji ya tante cantik :)

  7. Narsis dot com :D. Wah, Blognya ganti nuansa mba ya ?! " Cinta Indonesia " Bagus .. Bagus .. Bagus ..

  8. pagi.
    hiya..aku tak bisa memahami kalo bahasa inggris begini kawand.
    aku pandangi saja ya fotonya.

    foto yang terpajang keren abiz...
    sejuk hati memandangnya..

    Semoga sukses selalu kawand ya


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