22 December 2015

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY selamat hari ibu

 I know it just cake, and i have not thing to give you. I hope with this cake you know that i love you. Thank you mom.. happy mothers day mom.

Hi all i just wanna say 'happy mother's day' for all mothers in the world, for all womens who will become a mom. Thanks for all love you are giving for us. Thanks for take care us from a baby until now. Love you mom

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Hallo semua uli mayang blog mau mengucapkan selamat  hari ibu untuk semua ibu di dunia, dan para wanita calon ibu. Terima kasih untuk semua cinta yang telah kami terima. Terima kasih telah merawat kami sejak bayi hingga sekarang. Kami sayang mama..

With love

Uli mayang

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  1. Uli this is sweet, soon you'll be able to celebrate the day ♡ ... Our mother's day is in May... thank you for your sweet comment xox


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