21 December 2015

Blue Aqua Batik Dress

Hallo all, I dont know why my fetus didn't want to cooperative with me. All the time i felt queasy. In first period of pregnant i was still ok and can do my activity regularly.
But now i can't ... now i am running five month of pregnant. My husband ask me for resign from office. I agree with him start from february i will resain, i wish this is the best choice for our family.

Well this picture took from last month but i have no time for posting so now i show you the picture
I have wering this clothes when i fiance, and after that i just save it. You can see its looks like a new dress right?

i love this dress because it make effect girly

After this mont i will vary rare posting about outfit, because i have no clothes and its little bit difficult for mix and match when the stomach bigger month by month. That is for next post i will focus in beauty product review and diy.

Outfit :
shoes, vicary
Bag, unbrended
Dress, sewed by tailor in order
Brooch, pagu local bazar
ring, gift by mom

Well thats all.. hopefully you can enjoy it.

With love

Uli mayang

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  1. Uli, I'm sorry you are having a difficult pregnancy with all the nausea. I hope you feel less ill very soon... xox ... Your dress is cute and I adore the blue color xox ♡


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