03 January 2016

fresh green dress in five month of pregnant, hijau segar di kehamilan lima bulan

Hi Happy sunday, well i am pregnant five month now and the baby grow up day by day. Some time i felt funny and happy when the baby move and kick my stomach. It is a little bit difficult for mix and match from my closet. Yupp i don't have many large size clothes and i never thought to buy it. Just wore what i have is the best choice for now, i thought better to spend my money for buy the baby needed than buy my clothes. :) mother insting. 
I am 55kg now, before pregnant i was 49kg. But many friends said that i looks like not pregnant. Not too fat and more beutyfull tahan before, may i pregnant a girl baby?? LoL.. 
Outfits :
wedges, St. Yves
Drees, buy at lokal second dress market
Bag, gift by aunty when i merrid
Belt, shopie martin
Ear ring, lokal market unbranded
Ring, lokal market unbranded
Well thats all thanks for coming, don't forget for leave a coment

With love 

uli mayang


  1. Uli, you are so pretty... you don't look like you're 5 months pregnant... you should get a few outfits that make you feel pretty xox ♡

  2. Awaw..syantik sekali. Happy pregnant..:-)


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